Our School Holiday Programs, in affiliation with and supported by the Frankston Dolphins, started in the Winter school holidays, 2014.

The programs are open to 5 - 12 year olds, and our objective is to get the kids active and off the couch. Every day at our program, they refine their sporting skills and have fun making new friends in their local community - all for a cheaper price than child care!

Our School Holiday Programs occur four times a year, in accordance to each season: Active Autumn, Winter Workout, Sporty Spring and Summer Stars. Each program is run over multiple days of each school break. You have the option to attend all the days at a program, or only the days your child would like.

My 3 children have been involved with Syked for Sport for the past 3 years. They remind me a week or so before the holidays begin just to make sure I’ve booked them in. Syked for Sport encourages, praises and includes all children in all sports that they offer such as cricket, soccer, netball, and many more. Not only do they play all different activities with the children and present awards and prizes, they teach them about nutrition, fitness, health and having a balance. My children will be continuing with Syked for Sport for years to come and can’t thank them enough for what they have done for my children. 

Parent from Spring, 2015.




Unfortunately this program is not held during these holidays

Our upcoming Term 2 SHP dates will be held on:

All Sports Day 1


All Sports Day 2


All Sports Day 3


All Sports Day 4

- ​

All Sports Day 5