Fundamental Skills Coaching

Our resident Mindset Guru and Qualified Counsellor Taela Davis, brings her expertise in working with young people around improving their mindset, self-belief, self-worth, motivation and goal-setting. Taela works at a high school as a counsellor on a daily basis, as well as working with elite sporting groups and elite athletes to help improve their mindsets, and helping them to perform when it counts. 

Our program mentors would probably have to be our favourite people, why? Because our list consists of these amazing people, Steph Chiocci (AFLW Collingwood Captain), Ben Cavarra (AFL Western Bulldogs Player), Bridie Kennedy (former AFLW Carlton Player), Georgia Walker (inaugural Southern Saints Captain at 19 years of age) and many more. Our mentors are here to give the program attendees tips and tricks for how to achieve there football dreams, including what it took for them and how to work harder than anyone else. 

He may spend his days as a school principal and his nights as president of a football club, but don’t let this fool you, Andrew Schneider is a Fitness Whiz he will whip anyone into shape and push them to their peak potential. With his ability to cater his conditioning program to a target audience, all of the exercises and aerobic work helps to specifically improve physical performance on the football field.


Our next TAP Program is commencing November 2019. Running for 10 weeks over the end of year and pre session period; give your young footballer a head start on the competition by giving them the chance to hone their skills and get there fitness up before the actual pre season period commences. Out work the competition is a sure way to beat them, working whilst others are rest gives you a head start on the competition.



Program Mentors

Fitness and Conditioning

Our TRANSFORMATIONAL ATHLETE PROGRAM is a program which is designed to help you transform your mind and body into a weapon on and off the field. It is open to any junior aspiring AFL or AFLW player; who is willing to work over the summer with performance coaches and mentors who value the importance of developing well-rounded athletes.
Our coaches and mentors have varying expertise and include:

Taela Davis, a former 7x Australian Karate Champion and a current Mental Health Professional. Her role in the TAP Program is as the Elite Athlete Mindset Coach.

Chris Connolly, a former AFL Coach and Player, is TAP’s Kicking Specialist and uses the Advanced Kicking App to track our players’ progress.

Shaun Penny, elite running coach, provides technique training, as well as tips and training habits for our players on the path to success.

Andrew Schneider, our Strength and Conditioning guru, uses his experience to assist our players keep injury free by building our physical base, strength, flexibility and endurance-wise.

Trent Dennis-Lane, Ben Cavarra and Brad Sykes, former and current AFL and VFL players and junior development coordinators, are established as our players’ mentors and skills coaches.

Steph Chiocci, Bridie Kennedy and Georgia Walker, all with AFLW experience, also add leadership and advice to our TAP players on their journeys.

Every athlete who participates in our program get access to our 10 week program, which includes:

- Access to our exclusive TAP Program Facebook group to help motivate and answer any questions during the 10 week program

- A Transformational Athlete kit, which includes a TAP hat, training t-shirt, water bottle and bag

- A Mindfulness Matters ‘Athlete Mindset Journal’

- Access to the Advanced Kicking App which provides individual feedback on the players’ kicks


Mindset Coaching and Development

Our program offers fundamental football skills coaching to help up and coming footballers get the basics right, to then allow them to continue to build on these fundamental skills as they continue progressing. Local legend Brad Sykes leads our fundamental skill coaching along with ex-AFL player Trent Dennis-Lane; with years of experience coaching Interleague sides and now coaching some of the St.Kilda Next Generation Academy teams.